UPDATE 2014'09: After playing more with Chef and Docker, ultimately I have moved to Docker as it's far more suitable for application encapsulation and isolation. See million12/typo3-flow-neos-abstract Docker image. It doesn't mean Chef is not useful, it still has its place in server/VM provisioning (which can host your Docker services).

I know that plenty of you guys are using Vagrant for web development. My intention was to have TYPO3 Flow/Neos setup, up & running in no time, even for 1st-timers with Flow/Neos and/or Vagrant.

It has Nginx / PHP-FPM / MySQL / phpMyAdmin plus all necessary tuning (e.g. memory_limit for PHP, client_max_body_size for Nginx, Opcode for PHP, MySQL optimisation including correct character-set and collaton settings, etc etc) - so Flow/Neos can run smoothly and fast.

I plan to maintain it as I'm extremely excited about Neos and I'm starting my first serious project(s) based on it.

Have a try - any suggestions are welcomed: https://github.com/ryzy/vc-typo3-neos. There's a nice README, so just follow the instructions from there.

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Marcin Ryzycki (@ryzmen) is co-founder at Prototype Brewery. He dreams of building successful startups, likes martial arts and has spent the last 15 years creating more or less awesome websites and web applications.