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TYPO3 CMSDrupalsource
365k / 0.2%707k / (Total)
19k / 1%46k / (Top Sites)
4 / <0.1%387 / 3.9%Quantcast Top 10k

As you can see, TYPO3 has roughly 50% of what Drupal acquired so far, when it comes to totals. And this is fine - we do not compete here with Wordpress (12m 6.3%) or Joomla (2.7m 1.4%). It’s like with Jaguar cars: they are never going to beat Opel/Vauxhall quantitatively because they aim for something different. What worries me is that TYPO3 has such a small presence in top 10k websites - which in bystander's mind might rise a question ‘Is TYPO3 really that Jaguar’? I believe the one to blame for that achievement is Acquia - Private Equity backed (M) company behind Drupal, co-founded by its creator, which does great marketing for it, supports enterprise clients who use Drupal, offers dedicated hosting, consultation, software, processes and so on. I was using some of these products and they’re truly impressive. TYPO3 doesn’t have such a back up.

Interest trend

Next I looked at Google Trends to see interest trends around these two. Note: I put TYPO3 twice just to get orange colour for TYPO3 which is its brand colour ;-)


It doesn’t look best for TYPO3: shortly after Acquia was founded, TYPO3 lost the lead. But it’s also interesting that overall trend is downside, for both of them.


Germany is a country-mother for TYPO3, where TYPO3 has the biggest presence. While it makes me happy, I’m also a bit unsettled when I see that the gap between them is getting smaller.



As you can see, UK and USA are places where TYPO3 doesn’t have much presence - and these are most mature market for it! Although I was pretty sure in US it looks better… but apparently I was mistaken.




TYPO3 and Drupal target roughly the same market. But TYPO3 has a lot to catch up to be as equally recognisable and popular as Drupal. It needs a’laTYPO3IA to respond to Acquia strong marketing. It needs more advertising, it needs solutions like dedicated hosting, it needs companies who would offer support to enterprise customers. It needs PaaS and SaaS products based on TYPO3 which would popularise it (vs. e.g. Drupal Gardens). It needs talks and presence on conferences. And it has to be in English - some of us does not speak German.

If my crystal orb is right, at least some of these we’re going to see happening in 2014 and following years. With new TYPO3 CMS 6.x (continuation of 4.x), completely new TYPO3 Neos - notabene both based on the same TYPO3 Flow v.2 framework - we’re in a good shape to change above numbers. And I’m ready to set my hand to the plough and help a little bit with that.

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Marcin Ryzycki (@ryzmen) is co-founder at Prototype Brewery. He dreams of building successful startups, likes martial arts and has spent the last 15 years creating more or less awesome websites and web applications.